Life and Love

by Jasmine Tate

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oliver Makower
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oliver Makower this whole album is inspiring and heartfelt. going into some of the darker battles of your life that has built your faith. more than a conqueror is what you and i are your strong faith is shown in this song Favorite track: More Than A Conqueror.
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released May 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Jasmine Tate Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Following in the sonic and social footsteps of Tracy Chapman and Lauryn Hill, Jasmine Tate, a Pittsburgh based singer/songwriter, has quite the flair for creating one ­on ­one encounters with each audience member. Her first solo project, The Jasmine Tate EP debuted at #9 on the iTunes singer/songwriter charts, besting releases by Sheryl Crow, Simon & Garfunkel, and Ben Rector, to name a few. ... more

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Track Name: Seeing The Impossible
It's like I'm seeing the impossible
Things I'm knowing are possible
While the world is seeing gray skies
All I'm seeing is the sunrise
People think I'm crazy
Think I'm hangin' on a maybe
That the world is gon' change
But the world is gon' change

Verse 1:
My hope is living
It's breathing
It's got hands and feet
It's that something saying
That everyone is bound to see
Liberty compelled by love
And unforced unity compelled by love
While the world sleeps
Revolutionaries dream
Mothers and fathers having sweet, sweet dreams
And every child, every boy and every girl
Being snatched up by the rains and the whirlwinds
Let's not forget that every boy and every girl
Holds a vision
That just might change world
They just might change the world

Verse 2:
How does it feel to know
That there's more to life that what you believe
How does it feel to know
That there's more to life than what you've seen
How does it feel to know
That the world is waiting for you
That there's hope for the world
There's hope for you
That there's love for the world
There's love for you
You'll see

Somebody's been lyin'
This love is not dying
There's hope for you
You'll see
Track Name: Just Wanna Know
I never knew the streets
We never did meet
My name's not Dre
Nah, I never made beats
Manana Santana
Yeah, I play these strings
So you can hear His heartbeat
Listen to my heart beat

Verse 1:
Now, you lookin' at me with eyes wide open
Yeah, I spit a few bars
But that ain't nothin'
I know a story 'bout a girl like you
Her smile paintin' pictures
All I see is the blues
Moonlight makin' waves in her face
I cried as the diamonds dripped cold from her face
Yeah, cold day in September
Daddy said he'd be back but she don't remember
The last time she saw him
Could that be why she's looking for a mister
Or a sister
Innocence wrote her
Just to tell her that he missed her
And her heart's still broken
Yeah, her heart's still broken
And she'll do whatever it takes
Looking for a love that can fill that place
Oh, oh, oh
Whatever it takes
Come love and fill this place

Every time you cry
Every sleepless night
I can hear your heart beat

I just wanna know that you're around
When I'm feelin' topsy turvy
And my world is spinnin' upside down
I just wanna know that you're around
Just to know you're there

Verse 2:
Again, I never knew the streets
We never did meet
I had the perfect life
That's what they told me
They never did see that I felt so alone
Tryin' to figure out how to make a house a home
This alcoholic, drug-addict, Hitler in my home
At times too afraid just to leave my light on
Hey Marvin, "What's goin' on?"
The American Dream
It isn't what is seems
"The prettiest people do the ugliest thing"
Hey Kanye
Family in shreds
Working 9 to 5 just to get the latest threads
And your heart's still broken
Yeah, your heart's still broken
And you'll do whatever it takes
Lookin' for a love that can fill that place
Oh, oh, oh
Whatever it takes
Come love and fill that place

How sick am I
Of how we've implied
That everyone knows
How your life goes
Behind closed doors
Beneath the scars
Well, I'm under the stars screamin'
God can you hear me?
God can you hear me now?
God can you hear me?
God can you hear me?
God can you hear me now?
Can you hear my heart beat?
Track Name: More Than A Conqueror
Verse 1:
I look around
Valley, dry bones
Can these live?
Is there hope for these dead things to live again?
Can these live?
Is there hope for dead things to live again?
You thought I'd be down
Sittin' under pressure
Out for the count
Life lives within me
I'll never lay down
The world can't shake me

I've never known you to leave me
I've never know you to forsake me, never
I've never known you to leave me
I've never known you to forsake me

Verse 2:
Water He walked
Can I walk?
I live because He lives
You said some things can't be done
But somebody told me
That nothing's impossible
Impossible is done
I looked fear in the face and said
You can't stay here
Look fear in the face and say
You can't stay here
I looked fear in the face and said
You can't stay here
You can't stay here

I'm more than a conqueror
I can feel the battle but I know the end

I know something deep within
That changes things
You'll never win

--David Wade's Rap Verse--
Track Name: Heaven's Balcony
Verse 1:
I've been sitting here
For a long, long, long, long time
Froze by the faces of men
Paralyzed by time
I've come to realize
That if I put my gaze in Your eyes
I'll find freedom
I'll see Your gaze is my prize

Verse 2:
I've been sitting here
For a long, long, long, long time
Looking for the light show of my life
All wrapped up in vanities of this time
I've made up my mind
That I can't go another day without You
Sick and tired of being sick and tired
So I'll come to You

Over the stars
Beyond the moon
At heaven's balcony
You look
You are searching
Here I am
Look at me, God
Look at me

Verse 3:
Man failed me time and time again
Breaking every promise
I've come to know
That truth don't mean nothing to them
I know, I know
That You are faithful to the end
I don't know when eternity's over
But I will follow You till then

I ain't find nothin
Till I found You
You search the whole wide world
Could You find me too
Track Name: A Thousand Ways
I could find a thousand ways to show you
To show you I love you
To show you I do

Verse 1:
I'd paint a picture in the sky
To catch your eyes
Attach a tune to every wave
And let the ocean sing
Sing my song to you
I thought I hit rock bottom
WIth no where to go
But the more I see your face
I realize I'll never know the end of this road
I'm still fallin' in love

Verse 2:
I can make it crystal clear for you
I'd take the pouring rain for you
And make the great exchange
You take the rainbow
I'll take pain
It's okay
The more I fall in love with You
It seems my words are few
I just can't find the words to say
I just want you to know I love you

And if I wrote another love song
Would you sing along
I could sing in other languages
So you could hear the song love sings
Love's song to you
Wo ai ni (Chinese/Mandarin), Ta'ha behki (Arabic)
Te amo (Spanish), S 'agapo' (Greek)
I could find a thousand ways
To show you

There's one place I'd rather be
One face I'd rather see
I'm in love, I'm in love
There's a thousand ways to show my Love
But only way to prove I'm Yours
And You're mine
For You I'd die
Track Name: Believer
Verse 1:
Little girl
Innocence and purity in my eyes
No shame, no fear, no need for the lies
I say I wanna fly, so I close my eyes
Skyrise, nightline, bird's eyes
You can be whatever you want
Mama told me as I sat in the skies
Young in the world's eyes
Just young enough to believe I can fly

Then I fell
He was babysittin' me again
Sit on my lap and I'll show you something
Innocence was all I knew
Still tryna learn how to tie my shoe
Suddenly, I knew something was wrong
As he grabbed my hips and asked for a kiss
He said I won't be long
Just watch TV and move like this

There it went,
Moving me, changing me, rearranging me
Strippin' me of my dignity
Murdering all my purity
Leaving me feelin' dirty
Before I even knew what was stolen from me

Here it goes
Now I'm wondering
Should I be telling somebody
Or just keep it to myself
And hope that it was all a dream

My grandma said
There's a God up there
He's surely alive
She promised me He cares
My grandma said
There's a God up there
Who loves me
He loves me

Make me a believer
Though I've never seen Your face
I wanna be a believer
I wanna know Love again

Verse 2:
Ready for the world, money in my gaze
A momentary glance at life that I made
A glance in the eyes of the child that I made
Gripped by shame, I walked away
Waitress by day, mistress by night
Gotta pay the bills, gotta keep the lights on
And I can still hear mama
Like I'm sittin' in the sky
But it seems to be true
I've forgotten how to fly

I took a step
If I could just remember how to fly
I'd close my eyes and fly away
Complicated situations
Leaving me frustrated
So I'm standing on the roof
Yeah the 35th floor
Waitin' on the next wind to blow
I'll let it all go
Maybe I'll fly away
If not, then I'll die today

There it went
Moving me, changing me, and draining me
strippin' me of all my dreams and my dignity
Leaving me feelin' defeated and worthless
Aimlessly watching the same old scene
The same old scene
Track Name: You're Coming Home
Verse 1:
Dark blue haze and purple skies
It's clear to me that another day fades away
Crickets sing a melody that tell me
Everything that I don't wanna hear
I'm not ashamed to tell you
That I'm so in love
That I'd just sit here and wait for you

'Cause I know
Dawn comes just before the day
These moonlit skies are only telling me to stay

You're coming home

Verse 2:
Light breaks and the earth cries
Something 'bout the sunlight
Flushing fear away
Birds sing a new song
Saying that you'll come home
This sunrise says you saw the northern star in the sky last night
I know you've seen the love in my eyes

'Cause my love is stronger
Than a hurricane
And it keeps raining
And my love lasts longer
Than time
Yet the clock's still going
On and on (repeat)

So I'll wait for you
As long as the sun waits for the moon
And I'll search for you
Like only lovers do
Track Name: Vows
Verse 1:
Long before the birds started singing
And the flowers started blooming
He knew her name
He'd seen her face

No one, no one can love me the way you do
No one, no one can love you the way I do

Verse 2:
Your love is an all consuming fire
You've set me ablaze
Your love is like a hurricane
You've got me dancing in the rain

Verse 3:
He knew her name
He saw her face
And loved her the same
Would you take my name
I'll lay down my life for You

He said
I'm willing
I will
I do
She said
I'm willing
I will
I do
Track Name: Little Girl
Verse 1:
I saw a masterpiece
When I looked into your eyes
Dreams of tameless color
And vision like the stars
See the world's just big enough
To conquer in a day
I saw hope ignite in your eyes
When I looked in your face

Little girl with real big dreams
A big heart and bright eyes
A soul that sings
A new song for every day
Little girl, little girl
Get up and dream again

Verse 2:
Time has walked away
With all the dreams I saw on that day
Man's faithful failures have carried you away
Your heart sings a new song
That the world is waiting to hear
So get up and dream again
Even the stars are waiting for you
Waiting for you

See, all creation waits for you to stand up
When you stand
The oceans put their hands up
Don't be blinded by the ways of man
Or dismayed when they come to you
And yeah, they fail again
See, it's a masterpiece conspiracy
To take your dreams
And trap you in complacency
Where lies are exposed
Truth has been told
You were made to move with the Father
You can call Him, Papa
Dream big, He's dreaming right with ya
There's a new song in every day
So, what's your heart saying?
Track Name: Dreams (Saria's Song)
Verse 1:
You're likely to see butterflies
You're likely to see messy lines
You're likely to see imaginary things
Coming to life in the eyes of a child

Don't let the sun go down on your dreams
Don't let the things you see
Change what you believe
'Cause there's a little child
Sitting in there
So, don't let your age create a love affair

Verse 2:
You're likely to hear a new song for the day
You're likely to hear a new sound
You're likely to hear the most ridiculous things
Because from the mouth of a child
Only comes what they believe

So, little girl
Don't lose the color in your eyes
Little boy
Don't forget the mysteries of life
Won't you know that I am proud of you
When you are sleeping
Won't you know that I am proud of you
When you're awake
Track Name: Justice Shouts
Verse 1:
She was five foot three
Had a story like a symphony
And her eyes were like puddles of a mystery
But those brown eyes
Were all that I could see through her disguise of a smile
In the Land of the Free
And the Home of the Brave
Bought by the American Dream
Oh what a shame
To be stripped of your name
Its funny how quickly things can change

With minor lift
And a major fall
It seems you rise
Then you're stripped of it all
With a minor lift
And a major fall
You think you've seen it all
No, you haven't seen it all

Justice shouts from the middle of the crowd
I have a name for you
Freedom ran in the middle of the night
To prepare a place for you

Verse 2:
And that scarlet letter
She wore on her chest
And that scarlet lipstick
He smeared on her face
That alabaster jar you saw
From the windows of your car
She was standing on the corner
You drove right by
She was standing right in front of you
You closed your eyes
Home is the chain
That took away her name
Oh, where will she go
Nobody knows now
Track Name: Show Me
Verse 1:
I know a story
Told by the heartaches of yesterday
I know a city
Built by the hands on shame
I know a people
Who will be known
By how they will
And how they have overcome

Have you seen worse things
Than being alone
Have you seen worse things
Than losing your way home
Is it true what they told me
That a blind man believes
What you tell him
If he has never seen
If he has never seen

Verse 2:
So, show me the way it ought to be
Could you show me family
Could you show me peace
I've yet to find one
Who doesn't bleed like you and me
Could you show me the way
Oh, Father please
Show me the way
Oh, Father please

What's having a friend
If you ain't got no peace
What's having a home
Without a family
Show me a friend
Show me peace
Show me a home
Show me a family
I need a friend
I need peace
I need a home
I need a family
Show me a friend
Show me peace
Show me a home
Show me a family
I need a friend
I need peace
I need a home
I need a family
Track Name: The Way You Move Me
Verse 1:
Here I am
Standing in the rain again
Trusting you to calm the winds
Here I am
Waiting in the wilderness
You said I was made for this

You looked at me with those waves in your eyes
Asking me
Do you know the way you move me

You held me hand
You pulled me away
My safe place
So why should I be afraid
You held my hand
You pulled me away
My safe place
Do you know the way you move me

Verse 2:
Every sunrise and silhouette
Of butterflies floating in the sunset
Still only gazing at me
Do you know the way you move me

Your delight in me
Is fear's demise
Your eyes at me
Brings tears to my eyes
Track Name: Sunrise
Verse 1:
All of my life I've seen the light of the day
Pass away with the pages
That I might've let slip away
All of my life I've a seen a light that
Finds a way to move the darkness aside

Oh, oh, oh
One bright and early morning
I'm gonna find my way
I've seen tomorrow's promise
Fail one too many times
And I've yet to find my way
I've yet to find my way

Verse 2:
All of my dark days fade away
At the light of your eyes
When everyone else walks away
You stay the same
You never change
And I can't, I won't
Let this moment slip away

I'm looking for a sunrise
Looking in your eyes
I know that you're right beside me