from by Jasmine Tate



Verse 1:
Little girl
Innocence and purity in my eyes
No shame, no fear, no need for the lies
I say I wanna fly, so I close my eyes
Skyrise, nightline, bird's eyes
You can be whatever you want
Mama told me as I sat in the skies
Young in the world's eyes
Just young enough to believe I can fly

Then I fell
He was babysittin' me again
Sit on my lap and I'll show you something
Innocence was all I knew
Still tryna learn how to tie my shoe
Suddenly, I knew something was wrong
As he grabbed my hips and asked for a kiss
He said I won't be long
Just watch TV and move like this

There it went,
Moving me, changing me, rearranging me
Strippin' me of my dignity
Murdering all my purity
Leaving me feelin' dirty
Before I even knew what was stolen from me

Here it goes
Now I'm wondering
Should I be telling somebody
Or just keep it to myself
And hope that it was all a dream

My grandma said
There's a God up there
He's surely alive
She promised me He cares
My grandma said
There's a God up there
Who loves me
He loves me

Make me a believer
Though I've never seen Your face
I wanna be a believer
I wanna know Love again

Verse 2:
Ready for the world, money in my gaze
A momentary glance at life that I made
A glance in the eyes of the child that I made
Gripped by shame, I walked away
Waitress by day, mistress by night
Gotta pay the bills, gotta keep the lights on
And I can still hear mama
Like I'm sittin' in the sky
But it seems to be true
I've forgotten how to fly

I took a step
If I could just remember how to fly
I'd close my eyes and fly away
Complicated situations
Leaving me frustrated
So I'm standing on the roof
Yeah the 35th floor
Waitin' on the next wind to blow
I'll let it all go
Maybe I'll fly away
If not, then I'll die today

There it went
Moving me, changing me, and draining me
strippin' me of all my dreams and my dignity
Leaving me feelin' defeated and worthless
Aimlessly watching the same old scene
The same old scene


from Life and Love, released May 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Jasmine Tate Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Following in the sonic and social footsteps of Tracy Chapman and Lauryn Hill, Jasmine Tate, a Pittsburgh based singer/songwriter, has quite the flair for creating one ­on ­one encounters with each audience member. Her first solo project, The Jasmine Tate EP debuted at #9 on the iTunes singer/songwriter charts, besting releases by Sheryl Crow, Simon & Garfunkel, and Ben Rector, to name a few. ... more

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